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The Parents Guide to College Drinking - Online


Table of Contents


Part One

1. Influences in the Home

          Role Modeling


          The Internet

2. Discussing Drinking

          Open Communication

          Discussing Binge Drinking

3. High School Drinking

          Risks of Underage Drinking

          Drinking at Home

          High School Parties

          Alcohol Agreement

          Refusal Skills

          Prevention Programs for high School Students

          Alternatives to Zero Tolerance

4. Family History

          Alcoholism and the Family

          Full Disclosure?

Part Two

5. Campus Tours

          Key Personnel

          Visiting the Athletic Department

          Alcohol and Other Drug Policy

          Biennial Review

6. Alcohol Education and Abuse Prevention Programs

          Online Alcohol Education

          Prime for Life 

          Peer Education 

          Social Norms Program 

Part Three

7. The Red Zone  

          The First Six Weeks  

          Calls and Visits 

          Easing the Transition 

8. Academics 

          Effects of Alcohol on Academic Performance 

          Academic Schedule  


9. Student Health 

          Counseling and Health Services  

          Peer Education  

          Residence Halls 


          Second-Hand Binge Effects 

10. Student Activities

          Clubs and Special Interest Groups 

          Greek Life  


          Special Events 

11. Policy Violations 

          Impact of a Violation  

          Dealing with a Violation 

Part Four 

12. Alcohol Education

          Facts for Parents  

          Campus Alcohol Education Programs  

          Facts about Alcohol 

          High-Risk Drinking 

          Low-Risk Drinking 

          Bi-Phasic Response to Alcohol 






Appendix A  Tips for Discussing Drinking

Appendix B  Alcohol Agreement

Appendix C  Campus Visit Key Personnel

Appendix D  Campus Visit Key Questions

Appendix E  College Packing List

Appendix F  Questionnaire: Identifying Alcohol Problems

Appendix G  Blood Alcohol Level Drink/Weight Index Chart

Appendix H  Blood Alcohol Level


About the Author

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