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Tip 10:          Greeks

I have been in a fraternity for three years. My membership in this organization has given me numerous opportunities to perform community service and develop my leadership skills around the campus.  And yes, we have parties but they are monitored very closely.  Why do college administrators continue to try to get rid of fraternities?


My sorority sisters and I go to fraternity parties at least once a week.  Any suggestions for me and my sisters about that?



I have been an advisor for a fraternity and also a member of the Order of Omega.  Additionally, I have conducted educational programs for Greeks on campuses around the country.  During this time I have seen thousands of students who have grown emotionally, socially and in many other ways as a result of their membership in a fraternity or sorority.  I continue to be amazed at the depth and breadth of the positive contributions Greeks make to their campuses, their surrounding communities and to the nation!


Now, having said all that, I am concerned about Greeks who continue behaviors that perpetuate the stereotype of Greek life.  Those members continue to drag Greek life into the headlines due to their ignorance about what it truly means to be Greek.  Yes, many college administrators would like nothing more than to see Greek life dissolve totally.  Why… because in many organizations hazing continues resulting in alcohol related deaths and injuries… because many organizations sponsor parties where extremely high-risk and underage drinking is not only accepted but encouraged… because the majority of gang rapes on campuses have occurred within the context of Greek Life or Athletics… and for many other reasons. These administrators question whether or not the benefits that so many people derive from Greek life justify maintaining support for such high-risk organizations.  Are they worth it?  I’ll let you decide.


As far as attending Greek parties, I would be more comfortable with my own daughter (who married a Greek by the way) attending parties hosted by nationally affiliated organizations than with locals.  That is not to say that “locals” are necessarily more dangerous.  But, “nationals” have guidelines and rules they are supposed to follow when hosting a party.  


Although many fraternities host highly organized, safe and secure parties, others are dangerous and held in questionable surroundings.  Quite honestly I believe more sorority women should speak up about how they would like fraternities to run their parties.  Sorority sisters should threaten to boycott any fraternity that does not conduct its parties in a manner that demonstrates a respect for women.  For starters… they could demand an adequate supply of toilet paper in the women’s bathroom! (Right ladies?!??!)


If you are in a fraternity or sorority be sure your organization is living up to its declared mission and standards.  If it is not, do what you can to influence your brothers/sisters to re-evaluate just why they became Greek.

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