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Tip 6:          Drinking Games 

I live two houses down from a fraternity.  I love going there because they have three great Beer Pong tables.  Is there any way to play drinking games safely?

Brad K.,  Keene State College, Junior

Drinking games are fun and a great way to get drunk.  Why don’t the Res Life people let us play them in our rooms?

Kevin M.,  Boston College, Sophomore


Beer Pong, Quarters and Baseball are just a few of the hundreds, if not thousands of drinking games being played on campuses around the country.  Although many of the games entail a myriad of rules combined with acute hand eye coordination as well as a good deal of luck, lets face it Brad, the basic intent of drinking games is to have fun while getting drunk.  Since players tend to lose track of how much they are drinking during the game, Blood Alcohol Levels skyrocket leading to serious problems.  Brad, the only effective way to reduce the dangers of drinking games is to substitute, either totally or at least regularly, non-alcoholic drinks with the alcoholic beverages.


Kevin, for the safety of their residents and for obvious liability concerns, residence life staff prohibit drinking games because of their potential danger.  Drinking games can quickly become fatal because large quantities of alcohol are often consumed over very short periods of time.


Quite simply, avoid drinking games.

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