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Identifying Alcohol Problems



Answer Yes or No to the following questions. Within the past three months: 


1. Did you miss class because of drinking or hangovers?

2. Did you drink to overcome shyness and to build confidence?

3. Did you drink to escape from study or home worries?

4. Did it bother you or anger you if someone said you drank too much?

5. Did you need to have a drink before you went out on a date?

6. Did you ever have money problems due to alcohol consumption?

7. Did your friends drink less than you?

8. Did you ever have a memory loss due to drinking?

9. Did you get into trouble with residential life staff due to drinking?

10. Did you ever think you had a drinking problem?

11. Did drinking affect your reputation?

12. Did you always drink until the bottle was empty, all the beer cans were dead or until the party was over?



* A YES answer to one question is a warning.

* A YES answer to as few as three questions indicates that alcohol has become or is becoming a problem.


After completing the surveys, ask yourself the following questions:

1. How do you feel about the results of this survey?

2. What role does alcohol play in your life?

3. Is alcohol having a negative impact on your college career?

4. Do you know what campus resources are available to assist people with alcohol or other drug problems?

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