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Tip 13:          Know the Code 0-1-2-3


Many people can choose to drink and have no drinking problems at all.  Others have some problems once in awhile.  Still others develop serious problems due to their drinking.  Extensive research indicates that certain drinking patterns will put us at greater risk for problems.  “Know the Code 0-1-2-3”  provides some guiding principles that can help minimize your risk for drinking problems. 


0- Listen to your instinct! Sometimes zero is your best option. 

    • If you are driving.

    • If you haven’t eaten.

    • If you are under 21.

    • If you’ve been sick.

    • If you a recovering alcoholic.

    • If you are on medication.

    • Yes! There are dozens more too.

1- More than one drink per hour puts you at greater risk for impairment problems.

2- Drinking more than twice a week increases the risk for developing alcohol problems.

3- More than three drinks in a day increase your risk for drinking problems.


Know the Code 0-1-2-3 is a registered trademark for the educational programs conducted by my colleague, Randy Haveson, author, speaker and friend.  <>


David, you are exhibiting one of the symptoms of alcoholism or at least the development of alcoholism.  Alcoholics are incapable of drinking at a low-risk level on a regular basis.  They may say I will only have three but are not capable of consistently drinking in such a low-risk manner.  You may want to evaluate the role alcohol is playing in your life.  One way to do that is to complete the “Identifying Alcohol Problems” questionnaire in the Appendix.  Another way is to commit to the “Know the Code 0-1-2-3” and never drink more than is indicated.  Try it for a few months.  If doing so becomes difficult for you, a conversation with one of the counselors on your campus may be helpful.


Know the Code 0-1-2-3.  Follow the Code.

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