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Appendix H


Blood Alcohol Level 


.02 Lightheaded: 

Feeling: Mellow feeling, slight body warmth, less inhibited, mildly relaxed, mood may be mildly intensified


.05 Buzzed: 

Feeling: Noticeable relaxation, feel warm and relaxed, euphoric, good moods are better and bad moods are worse 

Others may be noticing: slightly impaired coordination, may talk louder, may act bolder than usual


.08 Impaired Driving Limit:

Feeling: Sight and hearing ability may be impaired, judgment and self-control impaired

Others may be noticing: Definite impairment in coordination and judgment; slightly slurred speech, balance/motor skills become impaired, may make poor/risky sexual choices.


.10 Drunk:

Feeling: Mood swings, “high,” judgment and memory impaired, reduction in reaction time

Others may be noticing: Noisy, possible embarrassing behavior, balance very impaired, motor skills impaired, men may have trouble functioning sexually


.15 Very Drunk 

Feeling: Euphoria may give way to unpleasant feelings (depression), nausea, dizziness 

Others may be noticing: Impaired balance, difficulty talking/walking/standing, may experience a blackout at this level or higher


.30 Extremely Drunk:

Feeling: Stupor

Others may be noticing: Pass out involuntarily, vomiting


.40 Loss of Consciousness:

Others may be noticing: Coma likely, breathing and heartbeat slowed to dangerous levels.


.50 Probable Death 

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