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Appendix D


Campus Visit Key Questions 


  • What are the class attendance policies?

  • Are there support services for students having academic difficulties?

  • Are there Friday classes?  

  • Do faculty conduct tests on Fridays? 

  • What is the attendance like in Friday classes?


Prevention Staff

  • Is there an individual staff member whose job is specifically dedicated to alcohol and other drug education and abuse prevention efforts? 

  • If so, does the staff member have a high profile on the campus?

  • Does the prevention specialist have a budget specifically allocated for education and prevention programming?


Residence Hall Policies

  • What is the Alcohol Policy for residence halls?

  • Is alcohol allowed? If so, how much?

  • Can students have parties in their rooms?

  • What are the penalties for violating the policy?

  • Are there wellness-oriented residence halls?

  • What are the rules in these halls?

  • How are students selected for wellness halls?



  • What is the drinking policy for athletes?

  • Are athletes allowed to drink during the season? During the off-season?

  • What are the consequences if an athlete breaks a team alcohol policy?

  • Is the Athletic Department supported by the alcohol industry?

  • Is there a Champs Life Skills Program for athletes?


Greek Life

  • Are there fraternities and sororities (Greek Life) on the campus?

  • Are they local organizations or chapters from a national organization?

  • Is there a full-time Greek Life Coordinator?


Social Norms Program

  • Is there a social norms program?

  • What are the true campus drinking norms?

  • How does the program highlight the true campus norms?

  • What is the theme(s) of the program?


Counseling Services

  • Is there a Counseling Department? 

  • What counseling services are available to students?

  • Is there a Certified Alcohol and Other Drug Counselor?

  • How dependable is the follow-up on students who exhibit alcohol abuse and other problem behaviors?

  • Are there any support group meetings conducted on campus or in the nearby community?

  • Are counseling services part of the sanctions for students found responsible for violating campus policy?

Campus Visit

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