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Appendix C


Campus Visit Key Personnel


Vice President for Student Life: The chief administrator in charge of Student Life issues on the campus, including residence life, judicial matters, student activities, and alcohol issues.


Dean of Students: Handles many of the day-to-day problems that arise on the campus, in particular alcohol-related judicial matters.


Admissions Counselor: Tends to be the salesperson for the campus, traveling around the country selling the campus at college admissions fairs and/or visiting prospective students and their families. 


Admissions Director: Coordinates decisions regarding acceptance of students. S/he helps ensure the campus is the right match for your child. Keep in mind that this person faces the challenge of ensuring the right match while also meeting a number of different campus quotas in terms of financial aid, scholarships, work-study, diversity, and athletics.


Judicial Officer: Handles the adjudication of all violations of campus policies, including the alcohol policy. 


Director of Campus Police: Responsible for campus safety and security. Because of the nature of their positions and the fact that they deal primarily with policy offenders, Campus Police and the Judicial Officer tend to have a tainted view of alcohol issues.


Coordinator of Health Education (Wellness Coordinator, Health Educator): Tends to have the most realistic view of the alcohol and other drug situation on the campus. The Coordinator conducts health-related educational programs for the campus.


Students: May provide the best understanding of the alcohol situation on their campus. However, be careful. A heavy drinker probably hangs out with other heavy drinkers, resulting in the view that “everyone drinks.” Speak with students who drink as well as those who do not. 


Faculty and Academic Deans: Tend to have a very limited understanding of the day-to-day challenges that students face beyond the classrooms.

Campus Visit

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