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Appendix B


Alcohol Agreement  


After discussing expectations and consequences together, parents and teens should write them down and sign the agreement.



I, ___________________ agree that:



  • I will not drink and drive.                            

  • I will call my parents for a ride home if I or my friends have been drinking.    

  • I will not drink alcohol illegally at another person’s home.            

  • I will leave a friend’s party if alcohol is served.                

  • My friends cannot bring alcohol into my home.                

  • My parents can call to speak to my friend’s parents before a party.        

  • I will not have parties at home if my parents are not there.            



We, ___________________ agree that:



We are available any time, without judgment, to provide a ride home.        

We are available any time to talk about drinking issues openly and honestly.    


We all agree that the consequence(s) for breaking this agreement will be: 







Signed on ___________________ by:




                          (son/daughter)                                                                               (parent(s)

Alcohol Agreement  

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