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Beer, Booze and Books


Beer, Booze and Books ...a guide to college drinking

This dynamic non-judgmental approach to confronting dangerous college drinking includes the impact of dangerous drinking on academics, hangovers, blackouts, alcohol and sexual activity, the amount of alcohol included in various drinks (including alcoholic energy drinks), low risk drinking and much more. Students are encouraged to critically examine the role alcohol is currently playing or could play in their lives once they graduate. While presenting critical “drinking” information this program supports abstinence and stresses the reality that most high school and college students either don’t drink or if they do, they do so at a low risk level.  

Beer, Booze and Books ...a sober look at higher education
One of the best handbooks for college students, this text contains some of the most important information about college drinking including: types of drinks and their strength, impairment  risks, addiction, recovery, academics, family issues, spring break, fraternities and sororities, impact on athletic performance and more. 
Also available:
  • The Parents Guide to College Drinking ...facing the challenge together
  • The ABCs of College Drinking ...25 tips for navigating the collegiate party scene

Beer, Booze and Books Online

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Beer, Booze and Books Online at Udemy

We are excited to announce the campus favorite "Beer, Booze and Books" is now available online at Udemy!
With many added features including videos and helpful suggestions for dealing with college drinking issues as well as special tips college success, this unique resource provides students faculty and staff with a realistic look at the problems associated with high risk college drinking.
Professional Speaker, Educator and Author
Jim has presented alcohol and other drug education and abuse prevention presentations for more than 500,000 students on more than 500 campuses around the US and Canada. The NCAA approved Jim for its Sports Sciences Speaker Grant program and he has been recognized by the New Hampshire Legislature for his "outstanding work in substance abuse education and prevention."
Education and Abuse Prevention Resources and Services
An etensive list of alcohol and other drug education and abuse prevention services, organizations and programs. Appearance on this list does not represent and endorsement of the services or information provided from these sites.
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